About Learn In Hindi

Why we exist?

Why learn in English if you are more comfortable in Hindi? We are here to prepare video tutorials in Hindi and provide at least 40% to 50% for FREE. If you feel it is good, buy download link or DVD and we will ship you complete course at your doorstep.

Our Mission?

This website has been created to provide high quality programming video tutorials in the language you love. The only aim we have is to educate people who are enthusiastic to study Programming Languages in simple and easy way in their own language Hindi.

Who motivated us?

We are self motivated trainer with passion to educate. Do not shy to learn technology in Hindi. Just google, you will find lots of videos in non-English langauge so why 'sharmana'?

Who record courses in Hindi?

These courses are recorded by already working industry professinals and trainers. Learn In Hindi is an startup venture so, we are also looking for authors who can author courses in Hindi. If you have passion of educating people and you are already working in software industry, we welcome you to author for us.

What are the course delivery mediums?

We hate subscription policies which expires after certain time. We think once you paid, you should have access to course always. For this we provide original digital print and you can download/copy course in your laptop and watch it anytime.

How course delivery works?

Buy download link: Get download link immediately after successful payment.
Buy DVD: Once you pay, we dispatch DVD at your address.